Coding Standards

This document doesn't really try to reinvent the wheel. Currently coding standards for this project is based on SharpDevelop's Coding Standard but not really conforming to all that is written there. In summary these are:

Class Names and Methods

Class names and method names are pascal case. Also properties are pascal cases.

public class Database
	public Database Open(string path)
		. . .

Member Variables

Member variables are camel case. Please also note that _ are accepted to those variables that conflicts with reserved words.

IList<Table> tables = new List<Table>();
int _value;
long _return;
Column column = new Column();


As quoted in the manual from #D, Don't use spaces for indentation - use tabs!


Comments are optional as long as names created are making sense.


From #D, Brackets should begin on a new line only after:
  • Namespace declarations (note that this is new in version 0.3 and was different in 0.2)
  • Class/Interface/Struct declarations
  • Method declarations

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