Developer's Guide


This section describes the developer's guide and advanced users wanting to get a copy of the source and possibly make modifications.


Get the source via Mercurial. Download and install TortoiseHg. Clone SQLiteManager into your local machine.

Type in the clone URL from source code setup

Edit with SharpDevelop

Download and install SharpDevelop and double click SQLiteManager.sln in the src directory.

Pushing Changes to Server

If we're done with our changes we can do commit. Please note that DVCS are committed locally, so our changes are not in the server yet. Right click on themanager directory to commit changes

and do

As soon as our changes need to be in the server, we need to push the changes to the server. We can now go to Synchronize

and push

More info on Mercurial documentation here.

Pulling Changes

Most of the time we want to get the latest from the server. We can do a synchronize again and pull

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